Dominique Job
Technician Dipl. ES
Self-taught and music lover, I practice no less than five instruments, such as the Scottish Highland bagpipe, the Lowland bagpipe, the guitar, the Tin Whistle (Irish flute) and the harmonica.

Photography, Video, Multimedia
Passionate about everything around image world, I like to explore all the possibilities that cameras offered us for many years. 
I share some creations with my site or on my Youtube channel JobImage.
Municipal Councilor in Bavois from 2010 to 2021.
Member of the Energy Commission and of the CoPil for the establishment of a wind farm on municipal territory.

Air Force soldier of the Swiss Air Force at the Payerne military base from 1997 to 2010. Function Gunsmith F-5 Tiger

Driving Licence
Driving License (A1, B, D1, BE, D1E, F) + car.