Dominique Job
Technician Dipl. ES
Specialization in technical support and After-Sales Service (SAV) of electronic flash devices from the Compact ranges (Style RX, D-Lite RX, BRX, ELC Pro HD and ELC), Power packs (Digital RX, Micro AS and Classic ), Battery packs (Ranger series, ELB 400, ELB 500 TTL, ELB 1200), Off Camera Flash (Elinchrom ONE), as well as the complete line of Skyport radio-frequency devices and light modeling accessories.

Specialization in the characterization and light measurement methods for all Elinchrom products.

IPC certification (IPC-A-610).

ESD-GESO Statech Systems training (Type 4100).

BLS-AED SRC First Aid Training.

ECA fire awareness training.

ERP Strategic BMC.

Specialization in the creation of Mpeg video streams, installation, assembly, cabling and configuration of Nagravision digital television access systems of the Dnasp2, Dnasp3 Aladin, Dnasp4 Merlin, Premiere, Mediaset and APS Dolphin range.

Specialization in DVB applications and PSI / SI tables.

Proficiency in access systems management programs, TopD, Schedule Builder, Schedule Navigator, EPG Editor, Injector console, CAS console, Product Editor, Product Builder, JSim, Drum console and CCT console, as well as DVB broadcast multiplexers, Thomson DBX 4300 and Thal├Ęs Amber TNM-4054.

Mastery of ASI routing tools, Leicht ASI Router Matrix.

Mastery of NASC signing digital signature tools.

Basic Unix training for the administration of CAS, MDI and ECB components on Compaq, HP and IBM servers.

Training specific to C2, a support request management tool.

Arventis Sales Training.

Training Inhouse Software Testing Synspace.

Specialization in the integration, repair and production of industrial PCs from the Visiowave Evolution16, Evolution28, PowerPC and embedded systems Visiobox range.

RAID storage system administration.

Specific training in Wavelet, Mpeg2, Mpeg4 video formats.


Specialization in the repair of desktop graphics cards from the Octane2 range. Graphics boards MOT10, MOT20, V6, V8, V10, V12 and Tmezz, as well as on server boards (SGI motherboard).

Irix 6.5 platform administration, advanced level.

Specific training in the ISO 9002 system.

Specific training in the ACE system, database for the management of material flows.

Specific training in protection against ESD electrostatic discharges.