Dominique Job
Technician Dipl. ES
Silicon Graphics
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Silicon Graphics
Chemin des Rochettes 2
2016 Cortaillod NE

Closed. Relocation to the USA

World leader in visualization systems, Silicon Graphics (SGI) essentially develops graphic calculators ranging from the workstation (Desktop) to large calculators (Head-End) whose wide spectrum of uses goes from medicine to military applications in passing by cinema or meteorology.
Repair Technician

Specialized in the analysis and repair of server and desktop graphics cards from the production line of the range of Octane2  stations, I was able to develop broad skills in the implementation and use test procedures, as well as in the very important  field of electronic measurements, all in a highly ESD (Electro Static Discharge) environment.

This work allowed me to work both in a team when looking for solutions
or sharing knowledge and individually when analyzing problems related to repair.

Reason of leaving
Following a global restructuring and the closure of the European manufacturing site in Cortaillod NE, SGI had to terminate my employment contract.
I keep this first professional experience a great opportunity to have the chance to work in a company at the forefront of technology and a unique working environment.
Emmanuel MaƮtre
Engineering Manager
Chemin des Rochettes 2
2016 Cortaillod